Meet Gurjinder 🫡

A human-centered Product Designer on a mission to ensure that every interaction between users and your product is nothing short of spectacular🌠.

Previously, I spent three riveting years at a MarTech SaaS startup as a Digital Designer, creating client-facing artifacts that communicated complex data intelligence capabilities into consumable narrative for our Fortune 1000 clients.

In addition, over my past 6 years in design consulting, I've partnered with 10+ diverse clients, spanning SaaS, cybersecurity, enterprise AI, gaming, eCommerce, and more. On this journey, I’ve discovered how to create great design experiences that drive REAL business results.

My approach is holistic, merging my backgrounds in marketing, brand identity, and design thinking to create story-driven design experiences that captivate and retain consumers.

I’m also a New Yorker, a Marvel & Harry Potter SUPERFAN, and a family person. When I’m not designing, you can find me watching basketball, wrestling, or listening to Punjabi & ambient music!

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My story thus far...

Sept. 2013 - June 2017

My artistic journey started with a 4-year High School visual arts program where I learned the fundamentals, delved into the history of art, and honed my artistic vision.

By exploring acrylic painting, I was able to create a series of captivating and unique pieces that reflect my passion and skill in the arts.

October 2018

During my Sophomore year at Baruch College, I took on the role of Graphic Designer for the American Marketing Association student club. This experience allowed me to recognize the vital role that design plays in the fields of business and marketing.

From that point on, I was inspired to pursue a career in design and have continued to cultivate my passion for it ever since.

October 2019

During my time interning at BrandTotal, a Martech startup based in Israel, I had the opportunity to work alongside an incredible team and experience the exciting and dynamic world of startups.

From creating client pitch decks to spearheading a complete website redesign, I was fortunate enough to contribute to a wide range of projects and develop valuable skills along the way.

May 2021 - Oct. 2021

Skipping to a few years later, I graduated CUNY Baruch College with a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management, and later that Fall, I began as an Marketing Creative & Operations Specialist for BrandTotal.

These moments were truly my proudest milestones!

June 2022

I hit a bump in the road as BrandTotal unfortunately winded down operations, after 6 years of disrupting the MarTech space. This was a very difficult moment. I was saddened to see myself and several others get laid off in a turbulent economic period.

But I was grateful for the vast network I’d built, thankful for a life-changing experience at a startup like BrandTotal, and optimistic for new opportunities and pivots ahead.

September 2022

I’ve completed my transition by becoming a qualified Product Designer via the Kickass UX Mentorship Program.

I'm specializing in emerging Web3 products and technology. I’m also actively working on side-projects, trying to solve real problems that create massive value.

I’m thrilled for the times ahead!

2023 and beyond

I've joined a TechFleet DAO project as a UX Lead, exploring the fundamentals of musical and artistic collaboration.

I'm also seeking a Product Designer role in SaaS and the larger Tech space where I can apply my passion for creating user-centric products that leverage storytelling to create captivating and retention-driven experiences.


Every interaction between users and your product should be nothing short of spectacular.

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