Gurjinder is often the key to success in my creative projects and moreover, he's simply a joy to work with — very easygoing and reliable.

I love his attention to detail and excellent design eye. There aren't many folks like that in the world of business today, and that's why I consider him a strategic asset.

Kim Ann King

B2B Marketing Strategist | Author

His critical thinking skills are outstanding, which is one of the traits that make him an excellent product designer. Gurjinder always makes sure to back up his decisions with data.

He has a keen sense of detail and consistently produces pixel perfect designs. Beyond being an excellent product designer, he is incredibly kind and thoughtful.

Colton Schweitzer

Co-Founder Kickass UX

I had the pleasure of mentoring Gurjinder for many months, and he’s one of the most dedicated and thorough designers I have met.

His ability to work around complex UX design problems is astonishing. And above all, he’s such a fun and approachable person. Any team will be lucky to have him.

Ludovic Delmas

Co-Founder Kickass UX

Gurjinder is one of the best designers I've ever worked with.

1) He molds his style to fit your vision. He is able to sit in the seat of what you are trying to create and create from the brief not from his own style.

2) He is the most reliable person. If he tells you he is going to do something he is going to do it.

3) He is able to do much more than design. His UX knowledge and ability to design from a place of empathy for a specific user is truly remarkable and is usually aesthetically beautiful.

Ari Savitsky

COO @ Dumbclub

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